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Building the foundations for keeping legal data safe

Christiane Müller-Haye

Christiane Müller-Haye

Christiane is Director of Global Strategy & Product at Phoenix Business Solutions.

As a successful entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Christiane has worked with information management technology solutions for the DACH region for almost 20 years working with magic circle law firms, big four accountancy practices, financial services firms and other professional services enterprises. Christiane and her team support organisations with their information management to make them be efficient, be safe and be smart.

Information management is vital to the daily operations of any law firm or legal department in Europe. As Christiane Müller-Haye, tech enthusiast and Director of Global Strategy & Product, Phoenix Business Solutions, explains, behind every legal technology initiative should be a specific business case, backed by all departments and senior figures, with the fundamentals of information management at the heart of the organisation.

The policies set and the responsibilities assigned for managing procedures are essential parts of the role of a Records Manager and crucial to ensure organisations, whether it’s a law firm or larger corporation, are able to operate efficiently, safely and smartly, meeting regulatory requirements and staying compliant. However, far too many of these organisations jump in at the deep end, adopting the latest legal technology without having the fundamentals of information management in place, only to discover this isn’t a future-proof way of working.

The impact of GDPR

Despite common thinking, modern information management is about much more than minimising risk. Effective records management practices help organisations to be more innovative, customer-focused and agile; traits which every organisation should be seeking to gain. But as the rate of information creation continues to grow and the need to be compliant increases with it, new techniques are required.

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